[Seller Basics] How do I start selling on Shopee Malaysia 2019?

 How do selling on shopee malaysia 2019.It’s great to have you on board as a seller! First of all, do ensure you have completed the account registration with your phone number for which your products will not be visible for buyer if the registration is not complete with a mobile number.

Done? Let’s move with how to list your first product on Shopee. 

Below are the steps to list product from Shopee App:
1. Go to you “Me” page and click on “My Shop”.

2. You will need to click on “Add New Product”.

3. Choose where you would like to add your product from, upload your product picture(s), and edit your product picture(s) accordingly. Up to 9 photos can be added for each listing.


3. Fill in the product details such as Category, Price, Stock, Variation, Variation, Weight, Shipping Fee and Days to Ship. Don’t forget to publish your product to make it visible to buyers! Your product is now listed on Shopee!

Below are the steps to list product from Seller Center:

1) Click on “My Product”

2) Click on “Add New Product”
3) Insert your product name, our system will suggest the most relevant category based on your product name.
4) Insert your product details and brand.
5) Insert your product price and stock. You may attach up to 9 pictures to your product.
6) Finally, insert the product weight, choose which courier service you would like to use to ship this item, save the product listing and publish.
Have a look at “How do I get my payment?” and “How do I update tracking number for multiple orders?” you may need to use these steps very soon after you receive your first sales.
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