PayRecon E-WMS

A cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) which is designed to optimize your warehouse management and strictly control every single detail to ensure 100% accuracy.

The most comprehensive warehousing logistics solution

Warehouse Management System enhances inventory management by optimizing storage space utilization, improving order fulfillment, and shortening order cycle time. Controlling all of your warehouse’s activities, allowing you to track every unit down to the lowest level of detail, especially in order fulfillment and inventory accuracy.

From inbound to outbound, PayRecon eWMS makes inventory management and order fulfillment faster, easier and more efficient.



PayRecon eWMS Dashboard

An easy-to-use and informative PayRecon eWMS dashboard will display all of the summaries of different stages and every stock movement in real-time. Displaying all the necessary data precisely and conveniently for you to monitor.


FREE ERP Premium Account

A tool to list products and manage orders across different marketplaces and webstores effortlessly

ERP Integration

Linking your marketplaces and webstores from EPR system to eWMS

Data backup from 24/7 Uptime

Data will be automatically backed up safely in our backend

Warehouse Design

Customize a smooth workflow according to your floorplan to maximize warehouse storage space

Receiving and Putaway

Simplify the process of storing items (inbound). Reduce the risk of misplacing or losing itemsKeep your warehouse clean and organized

Inventory Tracking

Ensure inventory is accurately recorded and easily located Support FIFO goods issue

Dropship and Fulfillment

Able to set access rights for different users Your partners can easily view and track their cargo location and quantity


Achieve 100% accuracy rate. Improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Reduce errors and labor-intensive data entry

Save Costs

Save costs by reducing human mistakes.

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Customize a smooth workflow according to your warehouse floorplan!