How to Sell on Lazada: Step by Step Guide and Tips For Beginners

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Why Sell On Lazada?

  1. It’s unbelievably easy
    • The Lazada mobile app lets you sell and run your business from anywhere
    • The sign-up process is so simple you can be making your first sale in minutes
    • From customer service to the A-Z of logistics, we have you covered
  2. You earn more with us
    • Your goods get maximum exposure with Lazada, the largest e-shopping portal in Southeast Asia
    • You enjoy bigger rewards as you chalk up positive ratings
    • You get more cash in your pocket with our low and even no-commission practices
    • We run well-known mega sale campaigns throughout the year including the Birthday Festival and highly-anticipated Online Revolution
    • About 10,000 local marketplace sellers saw massive sales increases during Online Revolution mega-sale
  3. We help you sell better
    • With Business Advisor, you get access to real-time unique data for gaining deeper consumer insights
    • You can continuously update your knowledge with Lazada University’s new Learning Management System (LMS), a dedicated portal which offers a wide range of tutorials, videos and webinars on topics ranging from pricing strategies to content creation and more
    • Our Store Builder lets you inject personality into your storefront for better engagement
    • A “Chat Now” instant messaging function allows you interact real-time and build rapport with customers
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Start Selling in 5 minutes!

Step 1: Register here to fill in your details

Step 2: List your products to get your Lazada store up and running

Step 3: Start ringing in sales!

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Ready to grow your business? Start right here. Success can be yours too.

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Open your Lazada shop today
See more details

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Already had your Lazada done setup?
You may need these services to help you manage your online business

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