The most comprehensive and quick invoice synchronizer.

Leave your tedious accounting tasks to PayRecon Accounting Integrator

You can seamlessly synchronize all your online orders to accounting systems- with a little effort. 

How does PayRecon Accounting Integrator works?

“PayRecon Accounting Integrator saves me several hours of work every day without any human error.”

What can you do with PayRecon Accounting Integrator?

Sync and pass online orders from marketplaces

Multi-Company Accounting

Make Batch Knock-off Payment

Create Credit Note

Stock Balancing

Why PayRecon Accounting Integrator

Window and Cloud Application

  • PayRecon Accounting Integrator is able to integrate with either type of application, no matter your accounting system is window-based or cloud-based.
  • Window-based accounting systems: SQL and Autocount, while cloud-based: Bukku, XERO, QNE, WebMax, and xilnex.

Super time & money-saver

  • Save your staff half a day of work every day, instead of sitting there just for keying in data.
  • It’s an easy-to-use software as no accounting knowledge is required. Use your budget in the right place.

Get data with 100% accuracy

  • No manual data entry anymore.
  • The chance of human error is zero, meanwhile it reduces the error cost and you can spend your time doing important stuff.

Save manpower and boost efficiency

  • Say no to manual data entry. 
  • Pass unlimited invoices to accounting software at once!
  • A very fast speed to import all your online orders from PayRecon to accounting software.

Get the Real-time data

  • It’s a must to ensure all your transactions are up-to-date, accurate, and thorough from marketplaces to PayRecon.
  • Automatically import all real-time transactions without any limits.

Free Support is available!

  • We’re providing constant online training and demo for you every Monday to Thursday.
  • Both Chinese and English classes are available.

Online Marketplace Accounting Integration





Online Marketplace Accounting Integration





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